$1,000 Bounty For LiveCode Bug 20240

RunRevPlanet feed at smpcsupport.com
Mon Aug 14 19:38:49 EDT 2017

Over at LiveCode Quality Control Centre (QCC) there is a Bug 20240 has been a
problem for me lately. 
I understand that a significant effort has been put into finding a fix over the
past years, but without success. The problem behaviour has been reported before,
my report is simply the latest one. And since it cannot be reproduced on demand
it is a tough one to solve.
There is a video of it at QCC at that shows what happens, if you have not come
across it yourself.
To encourage more eyes to look at the code, I have put up a bounty of $1,000AUD
to the individual who resolves the problem with a fix.
More details are in the bug report here:
If you have any questions about the bug, or the bounty, I can answer them here.
Note it is only Australian dollars, but depending on the exchange rate, or where
you live that might be a bonus?
Good luck! And I really hope to be able to reward someone with this money!
Scott McDonald

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