common code patterns

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Aug 14 05:14:18 EDT 2017

> The point here is that if we *were* to use back-tick then it would be worth considering making it escape capable *and* interpolate capable - i.e. there would be more going on. It would certainly solve one part of the balancing act in terms of what people may want to use ' and " delimited strings. (I'd suggest making it syntactic sugar for 'function("...")’).

Hmm… so say merge(“ string “, resolve escapes) = ` string ` ? I’ve got to say I wasn’t thinking of interpolation as I thought that merge does that sufficiently well.
> However, there are other options too - at the end of the day is 'format("...")' actually too onerous on occasions you want escaping?

Yes, unless you can use it in a constant or variable declaration which would be unusual and a bit too special casey for me:

constant kSomething = format(“this\tis\todd”)

> P.S. We should see if we can schedule some time in the next sprint to actually do that analysis properly and *then* garner feedback.

Sure if you it’s a priority. The PR is only up there because I got interested in something on a rainy Sunday arvo. It’s not like we haven’t got other stuff to do and this bike shed seems to be rather large ;-)



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