LC 9.0.0 dp8 won't launch iOS simulator

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Sat Aug 12 01:43:22 EDT 2017

Hi Bill,

In LC 9dp7 (or dp8, not 100% sure), we removed support for 32bit
simulators. This means that if your simulator is set to iPhone SE or
iPhone5, the standalone will not launch. So you have to choose a 64bit
simulator (iphone6 and above).

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> Folks:
> I’m trying to work on a new app that will send an sms message in iOS. But,
> as it usually happens when I don’t use the simulator and XCode for a month
> or so, new version come along and chaos seems to ensue. I had all of this
> working in LC 8.1.4.
> I’ve been working with LC 8.2.6 and LC9.0.0 (dp8) I downloaded XCode
> 8.3.3, but have XCode 8.3 and 8.2 installed. When I started, LC 8.2.6 would
> launch the simulator ok. But 9.0.0 wouldn’t. After fiddling around a bit,
> LC 8.2.6 would no longer launch the simulator. I get the following error
> message on all versions, no matter what I put into the LiveCode preferences
> for XCode:
> “Unable to start simulator 634,0,0,notoolset 573,220,1,
> revPhoneSetSimulatorSDK
> I deleted the LC Preferences files and it didn’t fix anything.
> So…. I have 3 versions of XCode (8.2, 8.3, 8.3.3)  in my application
> folder. These have been downloaded from the developer portal. Is it ok to
> have all of them in my applications folder, then enter them into the LC
> Preferences->mobile Support pane? Or will it mix up software from different
> versions of XCode in my app folder?
> Do I need to download additional tools for XCode?
> This is extremely frustrating. I did note that there was a red/green box
> in the LC mobile support pane in preferences, which should indicate the all
> the XCode support files are correct for the running version of LC. This
> doesn’t seem to be the case, though. It does respond to the version loaded,
> though, which is something.
> For me, this is the most frustrating part of livecode. Can’t more be done
> to check configurations and provide clear and complete error messages when
> things aren’t right?
> Best,
> Bill P
> William A. Prothero
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