LC 9.0.0 dp8 won't launch iOS simulator

William Prothero waprothero at
Sat Aug 12 00:20:08 EDT 2017

I’m trying to work on a new app that will send an sms message in iOS. But, as it usually happens when I don’t use the simulator and XCode for a month or so, new version come along and chaos seems to ensue. I had all of this working in LC 8.1.4. 

I’ve been working with LC 8.2.6 and LC9.0.0 (dp8) I downloaded XCode 8.3.3, but have XCode 8.3 and 8.2 installed. When I started, LC 8.2.6 would launch the simulator ok. But 9.0.0 wouldn’t. After fiddling around a bit, LC 8.2.6 would no longer launch the simulator. I get the following error message on all versions, no matter what I put into the LiveCode preferences for XCode: 

“Unable to start simulator 634,0,0,notoolset 573,220,1,revPhoneSetSimulatorSDK

I deleted the LC Preferences files and it didn’t fix anything. 

So…. I have 3 versions of XCode (8.2, 8.3, 8.3.3)  in my application folder. These have been downloaded from the developer portal. Is it ok to have all of them in my applications folder, then enter them into the LC Preferences->mobile Support pane? Or will it mix up software from different versions of XCode in my app folder?

Do I need to download additional tools for XCode?

This is extremely frustrating. I did note that there was a red/green box in the LC mobile support pane in preferences, which should indicate the all the XCode support files are correct for the running version of LC. This doesn’t seem to be the case, though. It does respond to the version loaded, though, which is something.

For me, this is the most frustrating part of livecode. Can’t more be done to check configurations and provide clear and complete error messages when things aren’t right?

Bill P

William A. Prothero

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