[OT] Draconian computer company policies, was: Mobile LC Apps Downloading Stacks After installation

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Fri Aug 11 13:24:54 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-11 18:49, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:
> Richmond, this may be rare but I'm 100% in agreement with you! My
> device, my management. I don't have the right to do something illegal
> or endanger others, but otherwise, I call the shots.

Indeed - you are free to do whatever you want with your device.

You can JailBreak it for a start - you won't be able to use the Apple 
AppStore, because if they were to allow that it punches a large whole in 
the 'security blanket' (however thin it might be) that the locked-down 
device + 'controlled' AppStore environment Apple provide.

> For virus and malware in particular, yes. But that type of safety
> could be achieved in other specific ways. This system is primarily
> about control - a lot of it is financial, some perhaps even
> ideological. Safety is also a big component of the system, but not the
> defining one.

What other specific ways? The best defense against virii and malware is 
to minimize the surface area of vulnerabilities - there is simply no 
better way. The less 'holes' which can be exploited, the less exploits 
that can exist.

I think Johnathan made the best point here - if you want into the iOS 
world and the AppStore Apple provide you have to abide by their rules. 
However, if you don't care about the AppStore, then just jailbreak your 
phone and run free - no-one is stopping you.

It is entirely your choice :)

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