Bug 20255 - Simple Loop Labeling

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> 2. automagical maintenance if the comments exist and you change the
> conditio

Oooh, yes; automagical maintenance would be wonderful!  (really? my
spellchecker recognizes "automagical" as a word?)

And to be clear, I am *NOT* suggesting in any way that Livecode get a GOTO;
I was suggesting that there are *very* rare cases where they are useful.
 (I can probably count the number I have *ever* used on my fingers,
possibly of one hand [unless you count the ones driven by performance and
how memory was accessed in interpreters, but that still gave you two per
program {jump to high/slow area for onetime setup, then to mid-memory main
loop above time critical subroutines, and possibly a third from the end of
the main loop to the beginning if the language couldn't loop forever}]).

(and as dust drifts about the cobwebs of my memory, I think that on what I
think of as "my goto" was used instead of putting the common section into
another routine to avoid the computational cost of that context switch;
this was in the recursive core routine that was called zillions of times in
the program which ran for a couple of days [initially more than that].   If
you need that kind of optimization/performance, livecode will be fairly low
on your list of choices . . .)

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