Mobile LC Apps Downloading Stacks After installation

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Fri Aug 11 10:35:42 EDT 2017

Unless I read your post incorrectly, mark, "Do" works just fine, at least
for ad hoc apps, as well it better, because it is a critically important
part of trying to debug mobile apps at runtime, with some of the rather
annoying things that happen at runtime, like some failure in a script
causing that script to silently exit without any notice or message.  "Do"
lets me add the equivalent of the message box when I'm working on an app.
Before I realized that it worked, about half of the lines of code in any
app I wrote was related to debugging some issue or another.  The ability to
use "Do" means far fewer debugging builds and a lot less shaking my
monitor, cursing the runtime engine for being so unhelpful, and me for
choosing coding over septic technician.

The remote debugger is a great new tool to have in the toolbox, but "do" is
still the one that saves me when everything just stops.

The sideloading/bootstrapping capabilities in LC are a fantastic way to
work on corporate apps, force updates, and save everyone time and hassle.

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