Weird thing I noticed with a graphics speed test

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Fri Aug 11 05:37:58 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-10 03:38, Jonathan Lynch via use-livecode wrote:
> Actually, I had forgotten to set the layermode of the group.
> Now the number of passes on my Mac is 47 and on the android it is 31.
> This still seems rather close. I expected the slow android device to
> be like a quarter as fast.

How many device pixels are there in your group when on your Mac compared 
to on your slow android device?

On Android and iOS, the engine uses OpenGLES to blit tiles to the screen 
meaning that specific operation comes at virtually no cost.

On Desktop it doesn't use OpenGL, so blitting is in software. On Mac, 
there are two options CoreGraphics or software - I think the former 
tends to be a bit quicker than the latter (particularly for larger 
numbers of pixels).

Generally (for simple cases, where no mutation beyond movement is 
happening in your display) you should find that acceleratedRendering 
will make something on iOS/Android about the same speed as you would get 
on Desktop without acceleratedRendering turned on.

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>> On Aug 9, 2017, at 9:27 PM, jonathandlynch at wrote:
>> I created a group with ten buttons. I have a function that scrolls 
>> this group as many times as it can in a second.
>> With acceleratedrendering on, it can scroll 30 times on my Mac. My 
>> very slow android device also scrolls it 30 times.
>> With accelerated rendering off, it can scroll the group 87 times on 
>> the Mac and 35 times on the android.
>> Why would the scrolling be faster with accelerated rendering off?
>> Why do both devices have the same speed with accelerated rendering on?
>> I thought accelerated rendering used the graphics card? Shouldn't this 
>> graphically slow android be slower?
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