App Rejected: IPv6 network?

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Thu Aug 10 16:28:41 EDT 2017

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 > On 8/10/17 2:27 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
 >> jonathandlynch wrote:
 >>  > LC scripts are not executable code?
 >> They are to the LiveCode engine, but not to the OS.
 >> LiveCode Script has no access to the OS, and can't touch anything
 >> outside of the LiveCode engine.
 >> So from the OS perspective, scripts are just data, like glorified
 >> spreadsheet formulas.  All sandboxing and other API evaluation is
 >> relevant to the LC Engine.
 > Well then, that opens up a whole realm of possibilities. I was
 > unaware.

I should probably note that I'm neither an attorney nor a representative 
of any OS vendor.  What I described is more or less the view of LC Ltd 
as far as I understand it.

When we had this discussion here a few weeks ago Mark Waddingham also 
reminded us that LC Builder is an exception, since of course it provides 
access to OS APIs. So downloading things that contain widgets that use 
OS APIs may not be in keeping with guidelines from OS vendors.

And in all fairness I've not read anything truly definitive on this one 
way or another from any OS vendor themselves.

This is just my own view, apparently that of LC Ltd, and others.

We see many apps that allow various forms of interpreted instructions, 
like spreadsheets and integration tools, and even a few scripting 
language tools.  And I've met developers using a wide range of scripting 
languages downloading script objects in their apps.

But even when something is widely done, and even if it makes logical 
sense both in terms of policy compliance and respecting actual security 
risk, it doesn't necessarily mean there isn't an arbitrary prohibition 
against it.

Where exactly Apple or any other OS vendor will draw the line is not 
something I can say definitively.  That would be for them.

Did Colin ever hear back on this from the folks on the Android team?

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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