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Do I sense macros?

I have several things that I frequently end up typing that aren't vanilla:

for any structure - repeat/if/case/etc., I normally want the "end" to have
a comment matching the beginning

if i=2 then
end if #i=2

I also frequently use code blocks that I want to label
#<get and parse the file list>
#</get and parse the file list>

There are lots of times where you need to store a property, change it, then
restore it
For just straight code that repeats
put the itemDelimiter into theItemDelimiter
set the itemDelimiter to tab

and then below
set the itemDelimiter to theItemDelimiter

Now with 9, especially, being able to have a command set the result, there
is a lot of
if the result is not empty then exit mouseUp
put it into goop

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> Hi Folks
> I’m looking for a few common code patterns that you find yourselves
> writing often but aren’t well suited to reusable handlers. So snippets of
> code or common ways that events are handled together in a script for a
> certain task.
> Cheers
> Monte
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