BUG the target returns the wrong control in a scrolled datagrid

dunbarx at aol.com dunbarx at aol.com
Wed Aug 9 16:56:04 EDT 2017

Confirmed here.

If you populate a DG with several lines, something like:

on mouseEnter
  put the target
end mouseEnter

will give scatterbrained results. I had thought at first that, if the scroll was in the middle of its range, say, and I moved the cursor into the third visible line, I might see field "Col 1 0003".

But, no rhyme or reason.


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Subject: BUG the target returns the wrong control in a scrolled datagrid

Hi all. 

Remember if you will someone pointed out to me that I can get the target in a mouseEnter handler in a datagrid to determine the name of the control I was pointing at? Works great... so long as the datagrid has not scrolled! If you scroll you get a control for a completely different row! 

Unless someone comes up with an explaination why it *should* work that way, I will submit a bug report. 

Bob S

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