Track Mobile Player Props from Back Script

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Aug 9 12:12:33 EDT 2017

If we set up a "lib_MobileControls" and start using on init, effectlvely adding this lib to the backscript.

how does this:

on playerPropertyAvailable theProperty
    if theProperty is "duration" then
            answer "You can now query the length of the movie"
      end if
end playerPropertyAvailable

know what player we are talking about?

e.g.  I don’t think, in a script I have:

on playerPropertyAvailable theProperty -- msg sent when enough has content is loaded
if theProperty is "duration" then
showBusyIndicator false -- Remove the "Loading..." indicator and start playing
mobileControlDo pPlayerName, "play"
end if
end playerPropertyAvailable

that pPlayerName is passed from anywhere it is not a local in this lib, but it could be.


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