how to get the value of a custom property if the name of the cProperty is in a variable?

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> Years ago I knew a woman who wanted to use special characters on her mac
> for file names which were perfectly legal with HFS, but NOT legal for NTFS.
> When we moved her files to a Windows share, some of her files, though
> visible, were inaccessible. (Why Windows even allowed the files to be
> written without some kind of warning is another mystery).

There is a long and tragic history of OSs allowing applications and calls
to create illegal file names . . .

My first (but not last) was discovering that CP/M would let MBASIC create a
file with a lower case name, even though CP/M was uppercase.  I want to say
that it displayed as uppercase in CP/M, too.  I think I ended up with two
files with the same name . . .

The *ONLY* punctuation I allow in file names are dot and underbar, and this
is enforced upon staff.   There aren't many others, if any, that have
meaning in *some* OS or another . . .
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