Recursive folder creation

hh hh at
Mon Aug 7 16:32:27 EDT 2017

> Bob wrote:
> Wha??? I didn't know this existed. I have a need for that too! I use
> a repeat loop to do this. I suppose that is what this function does as well. 

Here is it, for a "direct" call, in case revSBLibrary is not available. 
It does the same as Tore's (and probably your) script but is recursive.

# Creates a folder and all parents as required. By Marcus van Houdt.
on revSBEnsureFolder pFolder
  set the itemDel to "/"
  if there is no folder pFolder and pFolder is not empty then
    revSBEnsureFolder item 1 to -2 of pFolder
    if the result is not empty then return the result
    create folder pFolder
    return the result
  end if
end revSBEnsureFolder

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