AW: How do I specify the papersize name for printing?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Aug 7 08:27:24 EDT 2017

One part of my question is answered. If I want to print on the standard
paper, I may not specify the printpapersize, then the printer won't ask for
a user specific paper.
But if I am not sure, which paper is standard on the users printer, I have
to define the size in case I need specific dimensions, but would like to get
the standard paper, if it is "A4" and available.
And what about other paper names?

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Betreff: How do I specify the papersize name for printing?


how do I specify the paper name / the standard drawer of the printer?

Right now I set the printpapersize to "595,842", which is "A4", but the
printer stops with asking for a "user defined" paper. How can I tell the
printer, that my print job is not a user defined paper, but just the
standard, so that the printer doesn't stops asking the user?

I didn't found the right option in the docs.






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