How do you detect the necessary inclusions?

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Mon Aug 7 06:51:11 EDT 2017

Hi Tiemo,

- When you "Search for Inclusions", the standalone builder looks for
keywords in the scripts of your objects, to detect a specific inclusion.
For example if it finds <revOpenDatabase("SQLite",...)> it will
automatically add SQLite in the Inclusions,

- I think in LC 8 the first time you switch to "Select Inclusions", only
the "Ask Dialog" and "Answer Dialog" inclusions are chosen.

>>>>I assume that the inclusion with the "globe icon" is for the
browser widget
Yes, this is correct.

>>>> What are the inclusions "browser" (jigsaw icon) and "browser
(CEF)" for?
Those are for the old revBrowser external. So if you use the
"revBrowserOpen" command, you have to include "browser", and if you use the
revBrowserOpenCEF" command you have to include  "browser(CEF)"

Best regards,

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 11:05 AM, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode <
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> Hello,
> I think in former times, when you once have choosen "Search for required
> inclusions", LiveCode once has checked all necessary inclusion, so that you
> got an idea for the needed ones, when you afterwords wanted to selected
> them
> manually (e.g. the automatic didn't selected all needed inclusions).
> Today in 8.1.5 LC doesn't mark anymore any needed inclusions, after having
> let it search for the required ones. At least the browser widget was not
> checked, though I have an browser widget in my stack. How do you handle
> this
> to get the right inclusions?
> Btw. There are three browser inclusions and I don't know, which one is for
> what purpose. I assume that the inclusion with the "globe icon" is for the
> browser widget, because it has the same icon, but there are 3 browser
> inclusions. What are the inclusions "browser" (jigsaw icon) and "browser
> (CEF)" for?
> Tiemo
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