menuHistory & menuPick

hh hh at
Sun Aug 6 10:13:28 EDT 2017

The following recipe is for use in LC 7/8/9. In LC 6 setting the label
sets also the menuhistory.

Delete your "set menuhistory line" and add the following to the script
of your button 1:

on mouseDown
  set the menuhistory of me to lineoffset(the label of me, me)
end mouseDown

> jbv wrote:
> I have a hidden option button with several choices :
>   choice1
>   choice2
>   choice2
> At some point the content of the btn gets updated and it becomes
> visible with the following script :
>   put "choice4" & return & "choice5" & return & "choice6" into btn 1
>   set label of btn 1 to line 2 of btn 1
>   set menuhistory of btn 1 to 2
> The purpose of the "menuhistory" line is, when user press the btn,
> to have all the choices "centered around" the visible one on the
> label, which is more elegant imho...

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