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> Just to pay reference to the comment about LiveCode - I missed it the
> first time around...
> We (LiveCode Ltd.) did not 'give away' LiveCode. We released it under a
> software license that has strings.
> The GPL requires (subject to interpretation by lawyers - and a court of
> law) you to also release your source code of the things you write in
> LiveCode.
> There's no such thing as a free lunch - there's always some sort of
> payment somewhere - even if that payment is 'for the good of all' rather
> than in any form of 'currently understood currency'.

This sparked a memory of an old scene in Star Trek
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp3OhC3NoMk>, where a cryogenically
preserved man of our time awakens to find that everything has changed.  A
future where your only goal is to improve yourself for the good of all.  I
wonder if there will be EULAs in 100 years.  Hmmm...

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> Mark.
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