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Heh - sometimes it takes a relative tome of justification to arrive at a simple explanation!

However the beauty of Bézier curves is that arcs are just a small subset of what they can represent 'well enough'.

For moving along an arbitrary (Bézier - you can represent a straight line segment as one trivially) path, what you actually need is first the length of the path (annoyingly not a representable function - iirc) and a parametric form of a Bézier curve (which is how they are best expressed).

Then to step along the path at fixed distance at each step you use f(n * fixeddist / length) (here f is the parametric form of the Bézier - returning a 2d point). You'd need some adjustment (+/- 1 pix) to account for rounding error - but I think the idea is sound.

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On 2 Aug 2017, at 22:18, hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:

>> Mark wrote:
>> So, at the level of the graphic object it is a true arc, at the level of instructing
>> the graphics library it is a Bézier approximation but at the level of working out what
>> pixels to render it is a polygon.
> Thanks for arriving from your previous post at this very clear statement.
> You will have to do a lot of such approximations by simple polygons when you implement
> to move along an SVG path for your SVG widget... ;-)
> p.s. The 360 points of Mark are really good enough for very large circles in order to
> move along such points in 2 seconds. These are 3 points per tick!
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