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Also of interest, MacWorld article (yes, MacWorld) tells users how to build
a Hackintosh.  Although the author whines a little about it being involving
some work.


Someday, I believe Apple will come around and offer Genuine OS X to select
models of PC hardware.  But that's just my own hopeful idea.  For now, it
is only for fun, and should not be considered for any type of business.  If
your business can't afford a computer, then close the doors.


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> We have a great community, having earned a reputation for providing a
> safe, friendly environment for learning LiveCode.
> With that in mind, please remember that Apple's EULA for macOS requires
> that it be run only on "Apple-branded computers".
> Discussions of using VMs on Mac hosts is great, useful for testing our
> apps on multiple OS versions.
> But we probably don't want to have discussions of violating Apple's
> copyright as part of this community's permanent public archive.
> There are other venues where such discussion can take place.  Here in this
> official LiveCode support venue, it may be better to follow the guidelines
> used for the Forums, in which we avoid discussions which may be construed
> as encouraging illegal activity.
> Forum Guidelines
> <http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18885>
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