httpd library and missed opportunity.

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Tue Aug 1 17:38:13 EDT 2017

My first reaction was: I bet LC didn't have enough spare time and people.

My second reaction was: Well, it's open source, after all.

My third reaction was: Good for you, Alex! Bravo!

On 8/1/17 4:16 PM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:
> [ started a new thread, so I can't rant without tainting the other thread ]
> I started out on the 'find a rev/livecode solution for a simple HTTP 
> server" for one small reason :
>     the LC 9.0 Dictionary Guide, under "HTML5 Deployment" says
>> Testing your HTML5 app with a local web server
>> Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, do not permit pages to download 
>> resources from file:// URLs. You won't be able to test your 
>> application in these browsers unless you run a local HTTP server.
>> A quick and easy way to run a simple local HTTP server is to use 
>> Python. Open a terminal window, change directory to your standalone's 
>> directory, and run:
>> python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
>> This will let you access your standalone by opening your web browser 
>> and visiting http://localhost:8080.
> What ?  IMO, this is just plain "wrong".
> This is like going into the BMW dealership and being told "Yeah, you'll 
> love the way the new Z4 drives. Just get into this Mercedes sports car 
> here and we'll take you over to the racetrack to watch someone else 
> drive one."
> Why are we suggesting that users use another (OK, a "competing") 
> scripting language to test HTML5 deployment ?
> Livecode is perfectly able to run a simple HTTP server. It is perfectly 
> possible and not too hard to write a basic one. In fact, we now even 
> have an included library that makes it trivial to write that very basic 
> server.
> Why didn't we (i.e. Livecode - a careful use of the word  "we") just 
> package up that simple server, and then include that, with suitable 
> instructions.
> That would have avoided any implication that LC is any less capable than 
> other scripting languages, and avoided reminding anyone that LC doesn't 
> (yet) come packaged with all the libraries and therefore utilities that 
> you could hope for.
> So - I'm hoping to write a basic version (including my "get around the 
> same-domain limitation") and get it, or something like it, included in 
> the LC distribution, so that the documentation has no need to recommend 
> another language.
> <end of rant - thanks for listening :-)>
> Alex.
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