Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Aug 1 16:33:22 EDT 2017

On 31/07/2017 21:18, Monte Goulding via use-livecode wrote:

> Hi Alex
> You could use the new httpd library that is already included in LiveCode 9 for this. Indeed this is what it was created for. We build a standalone with all our tests and serve it with the library.
Yep - found it, and now playing with it. As I said in the other email, I 
couldn't find the docs, but simply ticking "Show IDE Stacks in Lists" 
and then using the project browser got me there. I love Livecode - 
there's always another way :-)
>   What would be ideal is to create a deploy library similar to the the iOS and Android ones. That way the Test button would build and launch the standalone in your browser.
That would be useful - but it's not what I have in mind.

I'll describe what I'm trying to do in a separate rant ....

Thanks - and thanks for all the help, Monte, Richard, Matthias.
-- Alex.

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