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Tue Aug 1 16:19:10 EDT 2017

Thanks Andre.

I hadn't even known there was a new httpd library; now that I do know 
about it, I'm pretty sure that's the best place to start (indeed, the 
comments in the library include enough of a 'how to use' sample that you 
can just copy/paste, fix up a couple of typos and have a working very 
simple server).

I'm pretty sure that'll give me what I want - and I'm now just playing 
with adding a couple of mini features to it.



On 01/08/2017 19:02, Andre Garzia wrote:
> Hey Alex,
> I have multiple sources for it here. This is in the most recent location:
> Be aware that this httpd was never safe. It handles only one 
> connection at a time. We can build better stuff these days. I haven't 
> tested the new httpd library, I actually have a lot of difficulty in 
> keeping up to date with the recent libraries in LC because the docs 
> are spread in release notes. I wish there was a more comprehensive 
> documentation effort going on.
> om om
> andre
> On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 4:22 PM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode 
> <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>> 
> wrote:
>     Does anyone have a copy of (or a currently working link to)
>     Andre's revHTTP ?
>     Thanks
>     Alex
>     P.S. I'm thinking of making a script-only stack that is a UI-free
>     Simple HTTP server - and then suggesting to Livecode Ltd that the
>     HTML5 deployment guide recommend it rather than the Python
>     SimpleHTTPServer solution currently suggested. Building this on
>     top of Andre's core code would probably mean I'd get a working
>     version, without too many bugs, much more quickly than if I do it
>     myself.
>     P.P.S and as a bonus, I'd then be able to add the bridge/relay
>     function easily, so I can download off-domain web pages for my
>     little app :-)
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