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Hi Dan,

I have built 6 years ago a Hackintosh computer based on a (nowadays) old Foxconn H55 MS motherboard with and (nowadays) old Intel i7 processor.
Working on this desktop machine (12 GB RM, 512 GB SSD) is even now still a pleasure beside the fact that I own a real MacBook Pro i7 which I use when I am on the road. The machine is booting Windows 10 Pro, Mac OS X El Captain and Ubuntu flawless (although configuration the Clover Bootloader took me a little more time than expected).

The good thing is that nowadays Mac OS X is free available. The only thing I would advise you when you start to build a Hackintosh is to go buy a motherboard from GigaByte (UEFI Bios) which is nowadays much closest to the specs of an iMac etc. For Wifi/Bluetooth compatibility buy an PCIe Broadcomm card (native Apple support).
For video stay to NVDIA (http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/06/hackintosh-graphics-cards.html).
Use Clover Bootloader for installation bootloader. 
A lot of information you can find on TonyMac which is one of the first pioneers: https://www.tonymacx86.com/
I have passed in the beginning all the failures and successes… so if you encounter any problems just contact me if you need help.

Most important: Yes, LiveCode (all versions) have worked on this machine without any problems.


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    Has anyone built their own Hackintosh computer?  If so, have you had any trouble working with XCode, iTunes Connect, Apple Developer tools, getting apps approved, etc.   I would like to build one (I’m not in love with Apple’s pre-built choices), but don’t want any hassles down the road.  I wouldn’t put it past Apple to disallow an app if it wasn’t developed/built on an Apple Certified Mac.
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