Getting custom urls to work on android

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Just checked on the forums to see if I could find anything relevant there.
It seems to suggest that the only way to get custom urls to work on
Android is to embed the url in a hyperlink in a webpage. This seems to
work but is real pain as it means I need to create a separate page for
every email that I will be sending out to Android users (and there will be
hundreds of them). Can anyone confirm that I am stuck with this approach
and that there is no way to embed a clickable custom url in an email (I
tried inserting a hyperlink in an HTML formatted email but that didn¹t
work either).



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>Hi there ­ I don¹t seem to be able to get custom urls to work on android.
>I include these in emails to users and while I¹m pretty sure they were
>working previously they now show up as plain text on my two test devices
>(both Samsungs). Any ideas on what might be the problem and how to fix it
>as I¹m totally reliant on this method to send configuaration details (for
>a data collection/research app) to users. It all works fine on iOS.
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