LC 8, new pushbuttons

BNig bernd.niggemann at
Sun Jan 31 18:36:01 EST 2016

Hi Klaus,

I don't see a way for the push button, but maybe you could use a navigation
bar with just one item.
It fires on mouseDown though and you have to fake the hilite/unhilite
because it does not unhilite.

You could use this script to experiment in the script of the navigation bar
widget called "nBar", 
local sNavHiliteColor = "0,121,255"

on navigate
   set the navHiliteColor of widget "nBar" to sNavHiliteColor
   put "navigate" && the milliseconds into field "fRes"
   set the selectedItem of widget "nBar" to 2
   put the navHiliteColor of widget "nBar" into line 2 of field "fRes"
   send "resetColor" to me in 0 milliseconds
end navigate

on resetColor
   if the mouse is down then
      send resetColor to me in 30 milliseconds
      set the navHiliteColor of widget "nBar" to "120,120,120"
   end if
end resetColor

Kind regards

Klaus major-k wrote
> Hi all,
> LC 8 looks just great, but maybe I am missing something?
> I want to use one of the new pushbuttons, but with text AND (svg) icon,
> is that possible? Or with another widget?
> I do not want a regular button with a (bitmap) icon.

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