Ken Burn's Effect Library for Livecode

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Sun Jan 31 10:02:20 EST 2016

Hello BR,

Any luck with the KenBurn's effects? We are looking into that and what is
being called 2.5D effects in a LiveCode. Not sure Scott Rossi or any of the
other great visual designers have looked into it yes. In effect is mixes
Ken Burn's with parallax and can also gif animation to get fancy.

Most examples can be found on the internet using Photoshop, but there is a
GIMP example also:

I think with a little extra efforts, this could add a real professional
 visual experience with little size or overhead expense to a LiveCode App.
If we added swiping an/or the phone's accelerometer. We are looking into it
and will put some resources on this for one of our Apps in a few weeks if
there is anyone who wants to work together on it.


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