Caveat: Use Any 16x9 Stack That Makes You Happy

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Jan 30 20:58:58 EST 2016

Maybe not….

@ colin:

Hmmm my strategy to work in a 16:9  1200px x 675px tall stack was working great …..

until using animation engine where all values get translated into rects like

 aeChangeRect the long ID of  img "HALogo", 58,32,259,233,1500, “overshoot"

and these numbers are “hard wired” into the current stack dimensions

So when I tested on my iPhone everything was too big.

one *could* I suppose. build in some pixel/ratio converter to translated every single rect into a native iPhone six rect…

And to make this even more exciting…. if you do use AE for iPhone 6 Plus and all rects are targeting those fixed dimensions (7363X414) I’m pretty sure the whole thing will break on an iPad..

So I may end up having to do the rect translation to device ratio function anyway….

What fun.


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