snapshot and animation capture

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Sat Jan 30 19:28:58 EST 2016

I got a reasonable facsimile of my original vision by just using an entire
substack to define the capture area.

on mouseUp
   set the blendlevel of stack "untitled 3" to 50
   set the loc of stack "untitled 3" to the screenloc
   go stack "untitled 3"
end mouseUp

Untitled 3 is a stack with button "exit" and button "snap". The first
button just closes the stack. The second button executes the following

on mouseUp
   set the cCaptureRect of stack "untitled 3" to the rect of stack
"untitled 3"
   set the loc of stack "untitled 3" to -1000,-1000
   close stack "untitled 3"
   --   wait 200 milliseconds
   put the cCaptureRect of stack "untitled 3" into tBlerg
   export snapshot from rect tBlerg to image "captureHolder" of stack
"untitled 1"
end mouseUp

Apparently it takes around 200 milliseconds for the stack window to
actually close. At least, sometimes it was still in the way, or only
partially faded out when the snapshot was captured. Moving it out of the
way, however, seems to happen instantly.

The snapshot comes from the inside of the stack window, not including the

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 11:35 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at>

> So, I thought I'd have a bash at rolling my own, but got stuck:
> on mouseUp
>    put topleft of img "border.png" & "," & the bottomright of img
> "border.png" into ZZZZ
>    put quote & ZZZZ & quote into fld "guff"
>    put fld "guff" into QQQQ
>    export snapshot from rect QQQQ of stack "Super Snap" to file "QQQQ.png"
> as PNG
> end mouseUp
> the thing gets stuck on the "export snapshot" line . . . cannot think why
> . . .
> image "snapBTN.png": execution error at line 5 (import: error in
> expression), char 1
> that stuff about "char 1" makes NO sense at all.
> Richmond.
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