inserting Data into CustomProp array

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Jan 30 00:01:14 EST 2016

What is the best practice for progressively adding data to a customProperty that you want to be an array?  both inserting new keys into that property as well as changing values in the existing keys.

In this case i want an image(s) in a stack to have a custom property containing the necessary info for Animation Engine to do some effects. This seems like a good way to store this vs saving it anywhere else.

1) create image
2) add new custom property “uMyEffects”

on a button I have this:

on mouseUp

   put the rect of the last image into tRect

   set the uMyEffects["startsize"] of the last image to tRect


end mouseUp

command CheckEffects

   put the uMyEffects of the last image into tEffects

   put the keys of tEffects

end CheckEffects

result is nothing…I’m expecting to see the key


 so I’m not doing the right thing to insert a new key + data into the customProperty… Note that I would also want to later poke another value into the some custom property like



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