Questions: Setting the borderWidth (lineSize) of a graphic through script

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Jan 29 16:16:42 EST 2016

On January 29, 2016 at 8:21:41 AM, Mark Waddingham (mark at<mailto:mark at>) wrote:
BorderWidth works fine on graphics here - you set the showBorder to
true, and set the borderWidth. You'll get the original shape inset by
the borderWidth with the border drawn around it.

An interesting caveat here is that is possibly a bug that I should report

LC 7.1.1  recently I created a grp for a nav bar to run at the bottom of the app. I would set the bottom of the group to the height of the stack and there was this transparent 2 pixel space underneath the group with the background. Later I discovered that the the border width was defaulting to 2. I had to manually set it to 0 and make sure that show border and 3D were off. There are other subtle issues

I tried to replicate this today… make new stack default height 400 ; 2 radio buttons group, set bottom to 400. So far so good… I don’t see any space underneath. set background color of group to yellow, background of stack to red, border color of group to black.  ?? border does not appear…huh?  Oh.. yeah.. check “showBorder” Border still does not appear… (blink)… turn off 3D and aha! it appears

But... Hmm interesting, with no intervention on my part, the group bottom is now 402 I can’t see the bottom border. I go back to colors, clear the border in the inspector… what? the black border is still showing even though I cleared it.  I have to actually  set the border width to 0… OK *now* the border goes away.. and if I set it to 2 again, the black is now gone… so it seems that the properties of the group may not always respond to a change in the property inspector until you take “some other” action. I suspect this is why I had a border that was transparent and made it look as if the group was floating 2 pixels up from the bottom even though I had cleared the border color and unchecked “showBorder”  … I had to uncheck 3D and *then* the transparent area went away

This probably needs fixing, but the issues are so subtle as to make it even hard to define a report.

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