Questions: Setting the borderWidth (lineSize) of a graphic through script

Roland Huettmann roland.huettmann at
Fri Jan 29 06:01:33 EST 2016

Using LC 7.1 / Windows 8.1

I am trying to find a way of setting the borderwidth and bordercolor of a
newly created graphic through script. It does not work.

But it is possible using the Property Inspector.

The following instructions fail:

on mouseUp
   set the borderwidth of graphic "XY" to 10
   set the bordercolor of graphic "XY" to red
end mouseUp

Strangely enough, when I am asking for the these property values (put the
borderwidth of graphic "XY") then it is the set value and will be 10 in
this case. It renders visually with 1 or 2, and the Property Inspector
gives a value of 2.

But setting other properties such as background color etc. is working.

Maybe I am overlooking something?


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