Selecting text in single-line entry fields - small UI issue

Paul Hibbert paul at
Thu Jan 28 16:26:28 EST 2016

On Jan 28, 2016, at 4:07 AM, Roland Huettmann <roland.huettmann at> wrote:
> Maybe I am missing something, but I need to script this with "on
> tabkey"-event handlers, "on textchanged" handlers, " on deletekey" handlers
> and go with "select the text of..." or "select line 1 of...". Otherwise the
> cursor is always placed behind the text - and I do not want that except for
> multi-line fields. Could there not be a built-in attribute how selection
> should occur?

Check the autoTab property in the inspector, or if you want to set it by script…

set the autoTab of field “myField" to true

I’m not seeing any issue with text changing colour when selected, but you didn’t say which version of Livecode or which platform you are seeing this on, this info may help track down the problem.


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