launch document problem

-hh hh at
Thu Jan 28 04:08:39 EST 2016

This may be related to the fact we know from HTML5-standalones.

(Newest) Goggle Chrome and Opera want a (local) web server
for more than 'simple' html documents,
Safari and Firefox launch everything from local files.

Anyway, comparing to the behaviour when launching from alocal web server could give a hint?

> Peter H. wrote:
> In an application I wrote several years ago, I create reports by writing
> html into a file and then using the launch document command to open the
> file in the user's preferred browser.  All has been working fine with that
> approach until OSX Yosemite came along.
> The launch command references a file named:
> /Users/Pete/Documents/BandTrak/Report Data/Remittance.html
> The user has their default browser set to Chrome and when Chrome launches
> with the above file reference, the URL is:
> file:///.file/id=6571367.405704
> ... which results in a "web page not found" message.  If I copy/paste the
> URL into Safari, the file is successfully displayed.
> Does anyone know why this transformation of the file reference is
> occurring? Also why it is recognized in Safari and not Chrome?

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