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Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Jan 28 02:46:19 EST 2016

Hi Pete,

On 2016-01-28 01:26, Peter Haworth wrote:
> Prowling around the web, I found that the url I'm seeing is a "file
> reference url", not sure whether this is an Apple thing or cross 
> platform.
> Since it works in Safari and not in Chrome, I suspect it may be an 
> Apple
> thing.

I believe 'launch document' uses the Launch Services API - it might be 
that needs a bit of patching to ensure it is using the latest and 
greatest way of communicating file references. The Apple APIs have made 
a move towards using URIs for most things these days so it could be that 
the engine is using a 'legacy' API these days.

> However the engine processes a launch document command is converting 
> the
> normal filepath to this file reference url which apparently Chrome 
> doesn't
> like.  I think I will file a QCC report about it.  Not sure it's really 
> a
> bug since the file reference url is valid in Safari but would be nice 
> to
> have a way to have the filepth not be converted to a file reference 
> url.

Given that Kay observed that 'launch document with' works, but 'launch 
document' does not I suspect it should be easy to figure out. Please do 
file a report :)

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