launch document problem

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Jan 27 15:02:16 EST 2016

In an application I wrote several years ago, I create reports by writing
html into a file and then using the launch document command to open the
file in the user's preferred browser.  All has been working fine with that
approach until OSX Yosemite came along.

The launch command references a file named:

/Users/Pete/Documents/BandTrak/Report Data/Remittance.html

The user has their default browser set to Chrome and when Chrome launches
with the above file reference, the URL is:


... which results in a "web page not found" message.  If I copy/paste the
URL into Safari, the file is successfully displayed.

Does anyone know why this transformation of the file reference is
occurring? Also why it is recognized in Safari and not Chrome?
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