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On 1/26/2016 12:00 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

> As for 3:2… that’s a new one on me… got any real number pixel
 > dimensions for that one?

There's a chart here: 

> So I think we really need to be sure the screenRect function is
> getting accurately reported on all devices… It certainly is not in
> the iOS simulator running from xCode.  Theoretically
> put the effective screenRect into tRect set the bottom of grp
> “baseControls” to item 4 of tRect
> should work. Can anyone else test this on varioius devices and report
> back? My Nexus 5 is 16 x9 so I can’t see/text any other scenario
> here.

It's working as expected. By default, LC reports the screenrect as 
logical points rather than pixels, unless you set the 
iPhoneUseDeviceResolution to true. The dictionary says that setting only 
works on iOS though, not on Android, where pixel mapping always occurs. 
Since it's not cross-platform I avoid it.

> @ Jacqueline & Roger: Are either of you using the screenRect for any
> positioning methods on your Android apps?

Not since fullscreenMode was implemented. But (I think) "the width of 
this cd" or "the bottom of this cd" can work instead of absolute pixels, 
since the engine will calculate where those are relative to the current 

We could really use a good tutorial about all this. It confuses 
everybody except Colin... Let's make him write it. :)

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