exits on suspend (was Re: Davos Day 3)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Tue Jan 26 11:20:38 EST 2016

Aha - interesting indeed.  Thanks Thierry.

TBH, until I checked today I didn't know that there was this option to have it 
NOT exit on suspend, so I've already coded a solution for the app I'm 
currently playing with, to save state on shutdown, and retrieve on startup, 
which works for me.  So I'm probably better off leaving it that way for now, 
but it's good to know some choices exist.

With your external, would the app get a notification if iOS decided to purge 
it altogether after it had first been suspended? Or does that no longer happen 
with current iOS, i.e. it saves the state of all suspended apps?



On 26/01/2016 15:24, Thierry Douez wrote:
> 2016-01-26 11:54 GMT+01:00
> Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at cogapp.com>:
>> - interestingly, when the stack is not set to exit to suspend, it does not
>> appear to get any of the messages you might expect (i.e.
>> suspend/resume[Stack]). AFAICT there's no way with this option for an app to
>> tell when it has been suspended.  (Without this option set, the app gets
>> shutdown/closeCard/closeStack; followed when reopened by
>> startup/openStack/openCard).
>> Ben
> Hi Ben.
> You could have a look here:
> http://forums.livecode.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=23570&p=122312#p122123
> I did this job almost a year ago.
> If you are interested to know more about it, you know how
> to contact me.
> Kind regards,
> Thierry
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