Love, love, love the idea of a business plan tool kit in LiveCode with SLIDERS

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at
Sun Jan 24 14:15:26 EST 2016

Hi All, especially Todd,

Subject was: LiveCode @ Davos

I love the idea of a business plan toolkit in LiveCode.

I really love the idea of a set of sliders that can help to set a number of
units (widgets, costs, sales, expenses) and have them display numbers and
projections in other line items.

For example,

If I have 200 kids in our water polo summer camp, we'll need 35 on staff.
But if we have 2,000, we'll need 250 at a cost of $ and summer budget of $.

Then, in year 1 we have 200, but sliders and projections can be staged for
the next 5 years.

Sure, it can all be done in a spreadsheet, but, I want to over-lay those
numbers with the number of school-aged kids in grades 3 to 8 in our city,
showing the percentage of kids we are NOT able to serve in the past and how
it can be with bigger impact in the future.

We could ask funders or board members or investors or fellow parents /
customers to answer five or ten questions. Then we'd be able to chart a
plan for their engagement moving forward with THAT vision.

Provide the kids with only 1-hour of practice 1 time a week to also include,
more practice time,
more days of the week,
more money for swim suits,
travel to meets,
how many meets,
more months of the year,
more lofty performance goals,

Bang, on an iPhone / Andoid app, that would make an inspired set of slider
scales to give more meaning to projections and planning.

I hate pitching biz ideas and having some pie-in-the-sky number. Then have
a challenge saying, "Yes, but... that's too much here and too little
there." With that as an app within the document, the future projections can
be shifted and the discussion sustains itself.

The superintendent of schools, or mayor, etc. might like to fiddle and say,
okay, I see where you have 3 pools. But you ask for 8, and then all 15.
What happens then? So, with morning, afternoons and evenings things go

Splendid outcomes I would expect.

Todd, I'm following along. Sending big-time encouragement too to keep going
and keep us posted. And, if it is open source, you'd still make a bigger
business venture out of it too, I dare predict. So, slide that slider way
to the NON-PROPRIETARY side of the scale for me, if you can, without
breaking everything. :)

Go Todd Go. Safe travels too.


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