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Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Sat Jan 23 08:01:17 EST 2016

Hi Mark.

Great question. Yes, we 100% will make this a thriving company. This will
be the first app of many. Talking with my team, they want to expand into
the the Business Canvas Model app and also into the vertical market like
specific apps like Marketing. We feel like creating an enterprise solution
by creating a central repository for all the small plans. This would be
great for franchise companies.

We are also focused on a solution to create elaborate reports in LiveCode
from the phone. The real issue is having the report in HTML and a PDF to
email, so we are meeting to find a solution for that now. No matter what
business app you are developing, having a proper reporting infrastructure
is critical. This needs to be solved by us today. We just had our daily
morning call and it seem we are moving into the direction of HTML and then
converting that into PDF.

Yes, we will be sharing most of the code, but the idea is to crete a
business out of it. So we will not be giving away the completed final


> On Jan 22, 2016, at 7:27 AM, Todd Fabacher <tfabacher at> wrote:
> Hello LiveCoders,
> I am at Davos for a little business and was inspired to create a LiveCode
> App during the conference. ? [snip]

Hi Todd. Interesting stuff. Are you planning to market this product once it
is finished? Or, is this something you give out for free once it is ready?
Or, is this more a proof of concept that you do not intend to complete but
give away for some other party to finish up?

Best regards,

Mark Talluto <> <>

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