Multi-platform development.

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For example, many document-centric apps will have a 'Save' function. On Mac this is typically 'just' in the File menu. However, on Windows it is usual to have it both in the File menu *and* as a button on a document's toolbar. If the code for the 'save' action is not factored out you end up with duplicated code - so it is quite natural to move this code 'down' into core logic.

Oh right yes I do that too. As soon as I need to access the same code from multiple locations, I will often do that, but sometimes I will just send a mouseUp (or call a handler) from the object itself. A lot has to do with whether or not the object script has relative references to itself of the card/stack it belongs to. Sometimes moving complex code requires a lot of refactoring, so rather than do that, I just send or dispatch to the handler in the object, rather than go through the nonsense of re-debugging everything all over again.

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