Multi-platform development.

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Simple things like not putting code in a mouseUp, but instead just get it to call an action function in the core part of the application (independent of UI) help immensely.

This makes me a little sad, because one of the great things about LC in my opinion is the modularity of the code. Going to an object's script and seeing exactly what the object does, as opposed to having a single large (and unweildy I might add) script is very attractive to me.

I also understand the advantage of a centralized library of functions and I am not argueing against that, but I like the LC (and originally HC) model. In fact the computing world thought this was such a neat concept that OOP was born.

So it seems that one objective might favor one approach, and another objective a different one. This is exactly why designing for multiple OSes, while certain techniques can get you a long way there, might eventually be unattainable.

Bob S

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