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Thu Jan 14 19:07:49 EST 2016

On 1/14/2016 4:55 PM, tbodine wrote:
> Is the dll code signed? Perhaps higher security settings are blocking its
> installation or use for that reason.

I don't know, it's got whatever LC assigns to it when it saves a standalone.

The file is there, the user can see it in the folder. The script just 
checks for its existence but doesn't try to use it for anything.

New data has come in since I first wrote: there are lots of Windows 10 
users who have no problem with it, so it is something related to 
specific machines. We have 3 instances of the problem out of maybe a 
couple hundred Windows 10 users.

Additional info: one user who had the failure is able to run without any 
problems if he copies the app folder to a thumb drive and runs it from 
there. So a permissions issue does seem to be relevant...but why would 
LC report the file doesn't even exist? Does "there is a file" on Windows 
return "false" if the user doesn't have permission to access the file?

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