Setting up for android development on OS X 10.10 - help needed

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Thu Jan 14 05:37:43 EST 2016

Hi Terry,

Regarding the crash on startup when deploying to android simulator:
What version of Android is running on the simulator? I have experienced
crashes *only* when deploying to android 2.3.3 simulator. Other android
versions work as expected. If you experience the crash not only in 2.3.3
simulator, but also in *any* android version less or equal to 4.1.3, then
you are probably affected by bug 16688: which we cannot
reproduce, but according to the bug report it affects *only* LiveCode 7.1.1
releases (works fine in 7.1.0).

Regarding the problem of not seeing your devices under the
development>test target
What happens if you type in the OS X terminal : "adb devices" ?

If you see an empty list, then the problem is that your devices are not
recognized. I have experienced this problem a number of times. I would
suggest using a different android cable. If this does not work, type in the

"adb kill-server"

and then

"adb start-server"

Hope this helps,

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 1:21 AM, Terry Judd <terry.judd at>

> OK - so I did manage to find and install a copy of Java 6 (I deleted the
> existing newer version of Java and then did a default install) and now the
> JDK path bit in the mobile support pane of
> the LC preferences window has a value in it but everything else remains
> the same. Even the simplest app crashes on the Android simulator.
> I¹m also trying to get a real device to show up under the development>test
> target menu without success. I have a couple of Samsung phones (S2 and S4
> mini) both with usb debugging enabled but neither shows up in the test
> target menu when connected. Any ideas?
> Terry...
> On 14/01/2016 11:45 am, "use-livecode on behalf of Terry Judd²
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> terry.judd at> wrote:
> >Hi all ­ after a long break from developing for Android I need to get up
> >and running again but seem to be getting nowhere. I have all the Android
> >sdk stuff installed and updated and installed Java but when I go to
> >configure things in LC it accepts the location of the Android SDK root
> >folder but the JDK path stays empty. I can build an app ok but even the
> >simplest one will immediately crash (on the simulator ­ I¹m still trying
> >to get my device to show up on the target list).
> >
> >A search of the forums suggests that the empty path thing this is a known
> >issue( from some months ago) and a post (reply) from Sebastian in late
> >November last year suggested that you need to install the now deprecated
> >Java 6 to undertake Android development in LC. I¹d try that if I could
> >only find somewhere to download Java 6 from!
> >
> >Does anyone have this stuff working on OS X 10.10 (or later) and care to
> >provide some tips on how they got it to work?
> >
> >Best regards,
> >
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