Getting Finder results into LiveCode

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Wed Jan 13 07:55:00 EST 2016

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

Thanks to all for your responses, especially to Martin Koob and
Klaus Major. I have all I need. I had tinkered with the idea of using
AppleScript, but apart from simple scripts, I find AppleScript
excessively impenetrable, even after 50 years of programming
in many languages .........

To clarify my apparent disorder in having multiple copies of some files,
iTunes Libraries, iPhoto Libraries, , etc., on FIVE different Macs. I will
explain why I needed precise responses to my questions.
I move around my multiple copies, on external disks, from my master
data bases on Computer 1, to my other computers for use by others.
Every so often, I mount all my external disks onto Computer 1, and now
need to know which data base copies are out of sync, sync them, and
then put them back in circulation on the other computers. When my kids
and grandkids come to visit, they can access mirror copies of my master
computer (and screw them up if they want), not impacting my data bases.

But I also want to access Finder information for other motives, and so I
used this specific example to define my problem. In this instance, whether
I will have problems getting the info from all of my external disks, and then
syncing all the file copies, is an obstacle I will overcome when I get to it.

And because I program every waking day, and often look for complicated
solutions to strange requirements, often trashing results which do not
do what I want, is not a problem. I program in LiveCode because I love
programming. Whether I get apps which work is not a prerequisite !!

Thanks again !


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