Getting Finder results into LiveCode

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Wed Jan 13 00:21:52 EST 2016

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 4:39 AM, Peter M. Brigham <pmbrig at> wrote:

> I use a utility called Alfred on my Mac...

> It allows you to search for files whose name contain <whatever>, and also
> allows you to search for files whose contents contain <whatever>.

This is the default way Spotlight works, it searches both for name or
content. If you want to restrict to content only:

intext:livecode revolution metacard

This will find any document that contains all three words

livecode OR revolution OR metacard

This will find any file whose name or content contains either of the words

I only get one hit for the first seach: LiveCode Mobile Development
Beginner's Guide [eBook].pdf

> Plus it allows hotkeys for launching apps or files,

What is your hotkey for Skype and Safari? I type cmd+spacebar s return and
Skype is up and running. I type cmd+spacebar sa return and Safari starts.
cmd+s is already taken so you can't be saving too many key strokes ;-)

Once any file is found and hilited in Spotlight pressing Return will open
it in it's default Application.

> and a clipboard with memory -- see a list of the past 40 or 50 pieces of
> text you've copied and insert the one you want with a keypress.

Yes that is a very very useful feature.

> Plus a whole lot more.

To learn more about Alfred I Googled Alfred vs Spotlight and came up with
this website:


Which had this rather interesting list:

These are some of the extra things Alfred has:
>     Alfred can close apps with the Quit <app name> command.
>     Alfred can find a file and reveal it in finder with Find <file name>
> command.
>     Alfred can search Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia.
>     Alfred can set limit for the search.
>     Alfred can open URLs in browser.
>     Alfred can Shutdown, Sleep and Restart a Mac.

I use cmd+q to Quit an app. Seems a lot quicker than typing: quit appname

If a folder or file is hilited in Spotlight cmd+r will open a new finder
window and reveal it's locations, no special Find command required.

Spotlight only searches Google and Wikipedia, not Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo
which is my browser's default search engine.

Not sure what 'limit for the search' means. If I want just apps, or just
folders, or just movies I can specify that.

If a URL exists in your bookmarks or history or an entry you've placed into
a search engine, then typing this into Spotlight will get hits under the
'Web Page' category and clicking on any of these will open the page in your
default web browser. If it's an unknown web address I'm not sure why you'd
be typing it into Alfred and not simply typing it into your browser?

No, Spotlight can't Shutdown, Restart or Sleep my Mac.

> I like the user interface
> And really that's all that matters. If you are more productive because
it's interface suits you better then that's all that counts. I mention
these things not in an attempt to dissuade you from doing what you are
doing but for others who may not appreciate what Spotlight can do for them;
or have been given incorrect information as to what Spotlight can do.

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