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Bob Warren bobwarren at
Tue Jan 12 09:34:01 EST 2016

Hi Alex,

The lack of response to your question shows, I think, that multi-platform apps in LiveCode, for both desktop and mobile, are really hard to achieve. I would love to be able to do this in LC because I love the language, but the only practical way I have found so far is to write browser apps in JQuery.

If you think it would be of any use at all, visit the main page of and click on the "Universal Apps" icon. The extensive Helps to the 2 apps in this series will give you a good idea of how they are written. You will see that data is exchanged among platforms by the use of DROPBOX.


Bob Warren


Alex Tweedly wrote:

I'm considering developing a multi-platform app; i.e. ont where the same
app runs on both "desktop" and mobile.

On the 'desktop' platforms it will use 'standard' menus, and that will
be the main "command" access (along with an optional toolbar, most
likely, but the toolbar will give access to a limited number of most
often used commands/features, rather than to "everything).

But, on mobile, there are no "standard menus", and although they are
appearing on a few apps (as homegrown menus), they aren't the usual
convention on mobile devices. So, I will have a combination of icons,
buttons, etc. on the mobile platforms.

I suspect that means I'm in the same boat as many other people have
already been in, and I'd like to benefit from your experience.

If you have developed an app running on both desktop and mobile:

1. did you follow this same split on how your main command structure was
invoked ?

2. how did you manage this ?
     a. really one app with per-platform customization
     b. two (or more) apps with as large a percentage as possible put
into library stacks (or similar) as possible, with separate menu-based
vs button-based apps.
     c. something else that you could readily explain

Many thanks

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