mobileCreateLocalNotifications non-functional on iOS 8

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Mon Jan 11 21:45:08 EST 2016

Hi all - I’m not having any luck getting local notifications to work (in the simulator at least) on iOS 8 or later. A search of the forum and bugzilla revealed that this was a known issue in the LC 6.6 series (I’ve been developing my app with 6.6.5) but that it was fixed in 6.7.1. That seems true(ish) in that it works in 6.7.1 but the bad news is that it fails in all subsequent versions of LC that I’ve tested (7.1, 7.1.1 and 8.0 dp12). Can anyone else confirm this? I really need local notifications to work in my app – on all versions of iOS from 7 up – and I’m not particularly keen on having to build my app with 6.7.1.

BTW, the original bug (13927) is marked as closed. I added a comment to this outlining the issue but am I better off opening a new report?



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