[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 15

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jan 11 11:13:59 EST 2016

Alex Tweedly wrote:
> Every week I look at the newsletter, and in the "Interesting discussion"
> section I find pointers to the uselist discussions.
> I follow the uselist pretty closely, but have never found an acceptable
> way to follow the forum discussions, so I rarely read anything on there
> (except if an entry on the uselist contains a pointer to a particular
> discussion).
> Does the fact that the weekly newsletter always references interesting
> discussions on uselist but not on the forums indicate:
> (a) all the interesting discussion happens there, and I am right to
> (almost) ignore the forums
> (btw - :-)
> (b) it is assumed that everyone follows the forums anyway, so there is
> no need to mention their discussions in the newsletter.
> (c) whoever draws up this part of the newsletter is, like me, a uselist
> follower rather than a forum user.
> Or of course,
> (d) something else entirely.

Probably a bit of each.  Like the rest of us, Peter is an individual 
with his own tastes.  Some people spend more time with the list, others 
with the forums, and maybe Peter just spends more time here.

That said, in previous newletters I've seen more than a few posts to the 
forums, and I see him there regularly enough to know he drops in at 
least weekly.

For me the most convenient way to read the forums has been to use the 
"View new posts" link at the top of the home page.  In fact, that's the 
one I bookmarked, so it saves me a click each time I choose my bookmark.

New users will have everything flagged as "new" of course, but the more 
you come back the more usefully the list only contains threads changed 
since your last visit.

As for whether one can be "right to (almost) ignore the forums" or 
"wrong" on that is a notion that confuses me.  Do whatever you enjoy.

I can say on the one hand that the forums appear to be the preference of 
a majority of newcomers, so there is a larger proportion of 
beginner-oriented questions than we see on this list.

But on the other hand, the separated threaded discussions there, along 
with simpler persistence, lend themselves to a greater depth in some 
forums than we often see here.   The "Engine Contributors" section and 
others under the "LiveCode Open Source" heading can be especially 
worthwhile for serious pros.

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