Array constants in LiveCode Builder

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Wed Jan 6 17:09:27 EST 2016

Here's another piece of good news:

Mark Waddingham and I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning adding 
support for literal arrays to the LiveCode Builder Language.  In 
LiveCode 8.0.0 DP 13, you will be able to write:

     variable tArray as Array
     put {"cats": 5, "dogs": 23} into tArray


     constant kColours is { "dirty purple": [80, 24, 60], \
                            "blue: [0, 0, 255] }

Hopefully this should make working with arrays both easier and less verbose.


P.S. There's currently a limit of 127 key-value pairs in an array literal.

Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at>
LiveCode Open Source Team

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